Two: Future Software Program

Jennifer Elsner Sourced

By Nicole Killian

Note: In the future, websites will no longer function as solitary pages—because we’ll extract data from multiple fluctuating organs and bodies, digitally, all at once. The below is based around the idea of a future software program that surfs multiple internet applications and platforms to search content and information simultaneously. It should be directly implanted through an ear piece.
this image functions as a suggestion of the “knowledge prosthetic”
date: today’s future
time: now and then
location: ethereal
weather: placid

now please imagine reading every line of text, every word, all at once.

AUTOREPLY: a small coterie of relationships with email:
it seems jennifer elsner is a pleasant and optimistic human living on this earth.
sources say:
she loves to hear the next big thing
to a select number of clients actually
staying nimble and soothsaying
cultivating inbox clearing
tweets and replies:
hashtag vulnerability
grace + aplomb Sourdough
Glazed on the spot
Served piping hot
…by Mennonites 
perfect squares to share daily life

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demonstrating fruition
what is your mantra jennifer?links to inspire reverie
sources say satsuma:
quietly in mind
a re(fine)d eye
upcoming trips with a road map in-hand generosity + integrity loving a texas ruby
S’s guide 4life researching positive vibrations
a quartz in every corner waaaay authentico
home notifications messages discover:

Subject: Ceci n’est pas une auto responder following
the moon
the garden
the pie
the need
Re: the supply
how do you slow down email jennifer? soon(ish)
taking time published/updated thinking time thinking back recent activity
and tea
taking little ditty
eyes wide open and viewing-like-you
archives of crushing on this perform these motions:
seeing life through a lens of swooning museum of selfless highline expansion
jennifer can tell you what you are feeling
and listen through questions and cards
and curls
wandering the arts of land in camping cupcake cups gushing of red and sand and daily types of cyan blushing past the brush
computing tells us jennifer:
can be super chic serge gainsbourg jane firkin black and white
vintage and loved uploaded and downloaded scrolling the forest for bits and pieces of beauty
About 325,000 results (0.27 seconds) 
inspecting the elements color: transparent; overflow: hidden; position: absolute
why is the sky blue the ocean salty pluto not a planet
june 30 2001 milles house love
Check the 1:19 mark of the video, posting a design concern
behold endless summer and missing soul camp
i am the walrus koo-koo kachoo
hit play hi rewind hit the pink sunset
it seems that the prostetic has learned that:
jennifer has affections for all of you
happy to share
f i l t e r s e a r c h
among saarinen empire state skies
but first breakfast
treats to hear
summer snowflakes
skilled and humane
788 posts
followers many search Facebook recent searches Jennifer Elsner following special
old school kicking’
updated on mobile

YES TO ALL a School of Peace
bonding with the cards red string tied to a wrist
like comment share
write a comment upload photo
share a feeling
people you may know
the fault in our raw honey bliss floundah inspect element: path method status text type initiator size content time latency timeline
you are in her heart and home with fanatical love
marfa and apple and ginger sweet and good looking’ with a kick of surprise
archiving that guatama is pleased, too
with an ode to saint cecilia
she will clap when she is impressed
w e l l r e s t e d f u l l – u p h a p p y a s a c l a m
these words archive but are not limiting jennifer elsner’s being
but share a scalable spider web-reactive window into the desktop of a beach top of a beauty
a designing pleasantly drawn woman

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please place ear-piece correctly and eye-slocket within to view and feel more
Nicole Killian is a designer and artist who was born the year the first cd player was sold in Japan. Her work investigates how the structures of the internet, mobile messaging, and shared online platforms effect contemporary interaction and shape cultural identity. Nicole received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology, finishing at the Bauhaus in Dessau Germany and holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. She is currently a Designer­-In-­Residence at Virginia Commonwealth University.