Welcome to Inquiry Pop-up 2020


A salon meets residency meets workshop meets retreat meets dinner party.
It’s none of the above and at the same time all of it.
An invitation to Inquiry Pop-up feels familiar enough, and yet like nothing you’ve experienced.
I’ve been told it’s the answer to an (unconscious) prayer.

Invitations go to my cohort—persons of action.
Action mavens in fact. Just like me.
That’s probably why we’re friends.

We’re curious. Resourceful. Take risks.
We’re compelled to create. Anew.

Often what we’re making is prioritized over
expanding perspective
fueling up
‘re-educating the eye’
{as the dear Bill Cunningham would say.}

And even if we do allow for equilibrium between intake and output,
have we lately?
Or often enough?

Inquiry Pop-up is THAT.

I look forward to welcoming you.


Phang Nga Bay | Thailand
February 29-March 7, 2020

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