2019 Inquiry Pop-up Q&A

With each edition of Inquiry Pop-up, we steal away to inspiring locations, and refresh the eye through a gaggle of meaning-making moments… share ourselves at the table, experience the field, learn new things, create new pathways — and this year, being unmoored. At sea.

You’re invited to be one of six women sailing the Saronic Islands in
Greece. Inquiry Pop-up is fixin’ to attract a coterie of women ready to drift.
To be guided by the rules of different currents «water & wind». And to
behold new sightssoundstastessmells—with friends and friends to be.


Indulge me… What’s Inquiry Pop-up, again?
Why the name Inquiry Pop-up?
Where in Greece are we going?
What’s included?
What’s Inquiry Pop-up cost?
A whole entire week?!
What are these daily “experiences”?
Who are the other participants?
Tell me about the boat…
I’ll be sleeping on a boat?
I need to book flights for when…
How do I get to the marina?
Can I invite my friends?
Is my phone (computer) going to work at sea?
What can I do to prepare?
Yo hablo, dietary restrictions?
Is this for me if I’m not rugged?
How do I pay for Inquiry Pop-up?
And if something comes up, and I can’t come?
Indulge me… What’s the backstory with Inquiry Pop-up?
Gladly. In 2010 I saw a movie that was the antecedent of what was to become Inquiry Pop-up. At a certain point, Bill Cunningham, in his eponymous documentary Bill Cunningham New York, says he has to come back to Paris every six months “to re-educate the eye.” This was but one gem spoken by him—or about him—in the 84 minute biography. The movie left me rapt. Mr. Cunningham’s pluck, outlook and prolific career was most enviable. It was then when I first realized something critical was missing from my practice. Something Bill had. What exactly that was, was unclear. But immediately, intuitively, I booked a flight to Paris.

Something Anna Wintour conceded early in the film could be a clue to my impulsive response:

What amazed me, is he and I, and all my team, and all the rest of the [fashion] world are sitting at the same fashion show—but he sees something on the runway that completely missed all of us. And in six months time, you know, THAT will be a trend.

A-ha! Bill’s eye was clear to see the future. Clear to create the future. More than the most revered, and trusted in the industry. I, too, wanted to do my best work and feel most fully myself. To be on the vanguard. A dedication to refreshing the eye became an important part of my practice. Privileging creating opportunities for intake over output would keep me excited, and relevant, and in service to my ideals—and my client’s.

In every place I visited, this friend and that friend came to mind:

Oh, [blah-blah] needs to come here.
[So-and-so] MUST see this.

I envisioned gatherings of friends to facilitate fertile “intake” time. For us to refresh the eye together. We’d engage in new skills, new relationships, and a revitalized understanding of the world around us.

Today, Inquiry Pop-up consists of global gatherings held in remote and awe-inspiring locations worldwide. The first two years to act as muse was Marfa, Texas. Then Pioneertown, California called my name. Last year, I took it urban and international in Marrakech. This year, we’re to sail the Saronic Islands.

From minimal high-deserts to a winding medina to ever-changing water. Have at Google and see for yourself. OH! And If you haven’t seen Bill Cunningham New York, go go go. It’s currently streaming on Netflix.

Why the name Inquiry Pop-up?
For a time I called it “Whatever This Is.” I was thinking it described the indescribable: a mastermind meets residency meets workshop meets retreat meets dinner party meets one-on-one mentorship. What do you call that? Whatever This is! But then that name lost hold on me because it asked more questions than held answers. It was spot-on, however not the right solution. And, I reserve the right to resurrect that title for something, sometime in the future.

I was feeling “A Week of Inquiry” for a spell. Closer, but not quite. That name led to an expectation that the entire week was programmed/planned. It also didn’t have the energy of what I was feeling. Plus it’s not really A WEEK of inquiry. It’s 5 days of it—plus two for travel. Anyway, I let that one go the moment “Inquiry Pop-up”, popped into my head.

It’s perfect because yes yes yes to Inquiry. Curious minds are invited and required. And Pop-up was spot-on because just like the retail Pop-up movement, I’m creating short-term, limited edition collections of friends and (sometimes) luminaries in locations worldwide. It’s niche, and its temporary nature creates an uncommon engagement. EXACTLY what I want for you to experience.
Where in Greece are we going?
This year I’ve relied on the brilliance of The Sailing Collective, to create an itinerary to die for. The islands situated in the Saronic Gulf southwest of Athens are storied to be among the most beautiful and interesting of all the Greek islands. Long stretches of sandy beaches, fragrant pine forest, and rocky capes against a backdrop of brilliant sunshine and crystal blue water provide an infinite variety of scenic beauty. The cultures and people are as varied as the settings. The region is known for their pottery, pistachios, and almond cakes—and are available at shops and restaurants along the narrow, winding streets of the island towns.

We’ll dock in:

HYDRA | Historically a wealthy island, and continues to be known as a weekend getaway for swanky Athenians and artists. (Not to mention it’s where Leonard Cohen had lived from the 60s until is death). Hydra is also known for its architecture as well as the many art galleries exhibiting well-known and upcoming artists. My favorite part is Hydra’s a pedestrian island! No cars or motorbikes. None. Ahhhh.

POROS | In antiquity, Poros was two islands, Sphería and Kalávria, but the last explosion of the Méthana volcano in 273 BC radically changed the morphology of the area. Sphería was cut off from Méthana, and in this way, Póros took its present-day form. Lush pine trees vegetation, crystal clear beaches, a lively waterfront adorned with shops, cozy cafes & restaurants, a picturesque capital with grand traditional mansions and picturesque cobbled streets. The Lemon Forest, a verdant hill with more than 30,000 lemon and orange trees will be a site to see.

SPETSES | Along with Hydra and Poros, Spetses played a defining role in the Greek war of independence in the early 1800s. Spetses was the home of famous Greek heroine Laskarina Bouboulinas and her house has now been converted into a museum documenting her life and contribution to the independence struggle.

EPIDAVROS | Amidst the blue of the Saronic Gulf, well protected on its own smaller gulf, is Epidavros. Epidavros is traditional yet modern, tranquil and cosmopolitan. The valley’s orange blossoms meet the sea breeze in a picturesque and friendly port. Pine trees descend its slopes to offer their shade to beautiful beaches.

AEGINA | Aegina is our last port of call before we return to Athens. The Temple of Aphaea built in the 5th century BC is a sight to behold. Aegina is also famous for its fantastic pistachio nuts, the island’s soil is considered perfect for their cultivation. I’ll surely be picking up a bag or two to take home as presents.

What’s included?
TO DO | Included is 6 days of prompts, workshops, movement, and/or adventures. One per day to keep thing chill. They will be designed based on the makeup of our coterie, as well as inspired by my intuition of what we’ll need.

TO EAT | Our personal chef will have local foods and produce on board. She’ll prepare 7 Breakfasts, 6 Lunches, and 3 Dinners. Light Snacks, Water, Coffee & Tea are also included and readily available to us. Alcohol is BYO, so grab a bottle before we set sail, and we can grab a few more at different ports during our island hops.

3 dinners we’ll take ashore. We can dine solo, as duos or trios—or eat as a group of 6. I have a few places in mind. These meals are not included in Inquiry’s cost.

TO BE | We’ll spend the majority of our time on the boat: on deck, down below, swimming around it, or in your cabin. There are 5 cabins— all designed for two. But with a little jiggering of the space, we’ll have 4 single occupancy cabins and 1 double. Everything on the boat is included: Fresh water showers, bedding, and towels. (Also marina fees, gas, dockage, etc.).

In addition to the 6 of us, we’ll share the boat with our chef and captain (I requested both to be women). They’ll help to guide us at sea, and expertly help us navigate the islands throughout our time in Greece.

TO DREAM | Finally, all week long, I’m available to work with you, one-on-one. It’s my pleasure and honor. Grab me spontaneously or let’s schedule time. We can talk about creative direction, design solutions, opportunities to seize and more. {Design! Opinion! Tarot!}

What’s Inquiry Pop-up cost?
SOLD OUT $2525 for single occupancy (3 availabilities) and double occupancy (2 availabilities). WAITLIST $3535 Why? The spreadsheet says that amount affords me to not subsidize the gathering. And I like repeating the meaning of numbers:

Number 3 resonates with rediscovering your inner spark and strengthening your intuitive ability. Number 5 brings personal freedom and individuality, major life changes, making positive choices and decisions, curiosity and adventure, adaptability and versatility, life lessons learned through experience and resourcefulness.

When you’re ready go HERE. You’ll be at my Viewers Like You shop. Read the terms on that page and make sure you are in agreement before you hit “purchase.” Inquiry Pop-up is a Viewers Like You, Co. Production.

A whole entire week?
Well, 6 nights/7 days. Depending on when you arrive, and at the absolute latest, we’ll meet at the marina the evening on Saturday, 1 June and return on the morning of Friday, 7 June. I happen to be arriving in Athens on the morning of the 30th to get a little more time in the city before we set sail. Maybe you want to do this too? Let me know.

Inquiry Pop-up emphasizes the processes of experiential knowing and unexpected integration. The stuffs that flourish with time on its side. The immersive nature of this year’s Inquiry Pop-up is designed to trigger a body of inquiry where you have the opportunity of time and space to allow for clarity. A week of being untethered, at sea, a float, unmoored… to return anew, again.

What are these daily “experiences”?
To help stake claim in our location, I’ll create down-to-earth, simple, inspired presentations to fuel our experience—every day, and cumulatively. This way we can leave behind preconceived notions, and create new pathways of thinking and seeing.

I have many ideas in mind but will curate the itinerary based on the ‘yes!’ RSVPs received. As a teacher, designer and curious individual, I’ll choose activitiespromptworkshops—on board and ashore—based on their potency, and my mood. If you’ve been to a previous Inquiry Pop-up, this programming will be a lighter touch than you’re accustomed to. We are a smaller group, and a little goes a long way.

Who are the other participants?
As I’ve mentioned, this is invite-only—so it’s you, me, and a few other friends of mine. There are no troublemakers in the lot, just the finest of fine humans. My gals are: PR Execs, Personal Stylists, Museum Curators, Novelists, Designers, Bakers, Product Creators, Body Workers, Artists, Event Planners, Lawyers, Designers, action-takers… All are grand dreamers—soulful forms of wisdom, ease, and fun.

We’ll be 6 total, plus our captain and chef.
Maybe 11 in two boats… Maybe. Not likely.

I’ll for sure be making introductions, finding places of intersections—but have ZERO doubt organically y’all will do this yourself. Quickly, effortlessly, brilliantly. Inquiry is now in its fifth year and the connections that have been forged are as heartwarming as they are powerful.

Tell me about the boat…
It’s a vision to behold:

From what I’ve learned, our “boat” is actually a sailing yacht. It’s big (55′) and nimble, with excellent handling characteristics: speed, power, control. The design is clean, efficient and lets in lots of light below deck.

There are 5 cabins, each has two twinish size beds, BUT! I’m converting 4 of them to be single occupancy. These larger cabins become queenish bed-sized rooms. “Ish” means slightly larger. The 5th cabin is twinish size bunk beds. It’s a cozy, shared cabin option. Check out the 21st image of the double occupancy cabin here. Our captain and chef will share their own skipper’s cabin below the bow. That’s 8 humans on a boat designed for 12. We should feel spacious.

All cabins are first come first serve, and include linens + a towel.

Our vessel is equipped with 2 freshwater loos, 2 freshwater showers, AC/heat, and all necessary safety equipment: life jackets, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, GPS, emergency signalization set… The galley has a gas cooker, an icebox, stainless steel sink, dishes/utensils, and a salon to sit in for dining and leisure.

The deck is teak, has a generous cockpit with seating, PLUS there’s a bathing platform. That’s the deck off the back of a yacht where we’ll drop anchor, chill and take a swim. Swanky.

You can search “Bavaria Cruiser 56” + “5-cabin version with crew cabin” to get a look, and learn more. This is a good place to start. Brace yourself, it’s very exciting.

I’ll be sleeping on a boat?
A sailing yacht, and yup. From what I’ve learned this vessel is sa-weet. Smooth. And the Saronic Islands were chosen for June’s calm waters. I’ve never slept in a boat of any kind overnight. And while I’m not prone to mal de mer, I plan on getting all the Dramamine and motion sickness accessories jusssst in case. Plus acupuncture before. I desire that no one is a martyr*. Come prepared to manage any sudden onset queasiness. I’m being dead serious and at the same time not worried. An inch of preparedness is a yard of gold.

Again, there are 5 cabins, 4 of them are single occupancy, with queenish sized beds. The 5th cabin is twinish sized bunk beds. “Ish” in both cases, means slightly larger. The cabins are first come first serve.

*Martyr (Greek: μάρτυς, mártys, “witness”; stem μάρτυρ-, mártyr-) someone who suffers for advocating, renouncing, refusing to renounce, or refusing to abdicate a belief or cause.

I need to book flights for when…
We’ll meet at the marina the evening on Saturday, 1 June and return on the morning of Friday, 7 June. Most transatlantic flights leaving on 31 May will have you arrive in the morning of the 1st. That gives you a little time to walk off your jet lag and see some of Athens’s sights.


For your return flight, midday would support a leisurely disembarkment. We will be shoo’d off the boat by 9am, so you decide what’s best for you. My flight to JFK leaves at 2:15, Friday 7 June.

Also, I’m arriving in Athens on the morning of the 30th to get a little more time in Athens before we set sail. Maybe you want to do this too? Happy to explore the city with you. Let me know.

OH! You’re flying into/out of Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (AIA).

How do I get to the marina?
Alimos Marina is one of the largest marinas in Greece with a 1000 spaces for boats. The Marina is located South West of Athens 15km from the city center and 30km from Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (AIA). Athens proper and AIA have many transportation options: Trams, Buses, and Taxis, with drop off 500 meters from the Marina.

As we get closer to June, I’ll know more and share my plan from Athens.

Can I invite my friends?
You’ve been invited to Inquiry Pop-up because I know you to be a curious person, possessing grit and unparalleled camaraderie. You play nice with others and I’ve also seen you to be a good judge of character. So, I’m fully open to hear about someone you believe would absolutely LOVE Inquiry Pop-up, and would really contribute to the dynamic. That being said, this year we are 6, and I’m privileging current amigas.

Common sense caveat: No babies, por favor. Adult or otherwise. And I love dogs, but they are not invited, for what I assume are obvious reasons.

The decision for me to NOT make Inquiry Pop-up available to just anyone who can click a link was deliberate. It supports our having a symbiotic and harmonious week together. From past group experiences I’ve had (and quite possibly you too?), a bad apple can spoil things disproportionately. It’s a real bummer when a negative, uncomfortable, far out-of-sync person is in the mix.

Is my phone (computer) going to work at sea?
I don’t know your mobile plan or phone make, and I cannot guarantee wifi while we are sailing the Saronic. For sure the islands we’re headed to will (at least) have cellular/3G access. So every day we will be connected to the world through our glorious, hand-held teleportation devices.

There are outlets onboard. Closer to June I will confirm the voltage on the boat, and necessary adaptor(s) to bring.

Common-sense courtesy: If you plan on working during your stay I only ask that you keep it to your cabin. Ya? 

What can I do to prepare?
Read up, buttercup. So much has been written about the area.
and HERE
are great places to start.

I’d geek out on the weather, because we’ll be in it. Average temps are 18-28°C / 64-82°F. And lucky us, the optimum time to sail Greece is around the last two weeks of May and the first two weeks of June— when the water temperature is a very pleasant 23°C / 74°F.

Collapsible bags in lieu of large rigid suitcases are advised for ease of transport on and off the boat. Loading and unloading from the dingy can be a wet activity, a pair of shoes such as flip-flops that you can get wet if we are landing on a beach.

During days on the water, you’ll want to be wearing light and comfortable clothing. As the vast majority of your time will be spent outside, prepare for elements – bring a light raincoat just in case, a hat to shield yourself from the sun. Also, a set of warm clothing. We may dine out at a nicer restaurant, so bring something that suits your vibe. Again, loading and unloading from the dingy can be a wet activity… shoes that you can get wet is the fashun.

» your passport
» dry bag or case for your phone/camera
» hat/sunglasses/sunscreen
» light raincoat/wind jacket
» boat shoes or non-slip shoes for being on deck
» shoes you don’t mind getting wet such as flip-flops
» books
» any special dietary foods
» toiletries
» beach towel (1 towel is provided with linens)
» bug spray
» small flashlight, the one on your phone is fine
» clothes
There are no laundry facilities on the boat, so balance your style with your willingness to travel light. I’m thinking for me, a bathing suit and caftan is de rigour.

When the time comes, do do do feel free to reach out to me as you’re planning. I’m happy to offer support, advice—or what have you. I’m never lacking for an opinion and always like feeling useful.

In a nutshell, get excited. This is going to be gooooood.

Yo hablo, dietary restrictions?
Yeah, this is tricky. I’ve researched modern rules of etiquette and compiled a few “Pop-up rules”. This was for my own understanding on how to best navigate this, and so you too know how to handle meals.

1. You’re my guest. Making you feel welcome is part of the deal. If you’re vegan, let me know. If you have Celiac, or another allergy let me know. Knowing dietary restrictions well in advance so our chef can stock the fridge with ingredients everyone will enjoy, is my pleasure.

2. As a guest, being polite and helpful is part of the deal. Your primary role as a dinner guest is to be punctual, and create conversation. There are no hostess gifts or thank you notes required—but doing your part to clear the table, drying a dish or two and giving verbal gratitude for the food and the chef is Miss Manners-approved.

3. Food preferences are not the same as genuine restrictions. Unless you know you’ll be in intestinal distress, or you need to abstain due to religious restrictions, maybe try that something new, or scoot it aside without much ado. Kindly consider that for our chef to accommodate every preference would be a Sisyphean* task.

4. I’ve requested meat and non-meat options to be provided, for sure. And that gluten-free and vegan options be incorporated where possible. Our chef has asked to know about food allergies as well as our likes/dislikes (I will get these from you closer to June). I’m sure we are going to eat very well.

*Coming from the character Sisyphus in Greek mythology, sentenced for his wrongdoing to push a boulder up a hill and watch it roll back down, again and again, forever.

Is this for me if I’m not rugged?
The sailing yacht is fancy, and the islands are by no means roughing it. HOWEVER, this Inquiry is for the optimistic and hearty. We are to be unmoored, literally. 80% of the time. Surrendering to the will of the tides is not for everyone. To the weather. To 24/7 close quarters. To short showers.

I see this much like I see glamping on a moving island floating in an ocean. Stilettos are no bueno.

How do I pay for Inquiry Pop-up?
You can register and pay for Inquiry Pop-up at the Viewers Like You shop. It’s your run-of-mill PayPal storefront, found HERE. Submitting payment is your declaration of participation and acts the same as registration. I’ll be in touch soon after receipt to welcome you and connect. When Inquiry Pop-up meets it quota for participants the shop will say SOLD OUT, and you’ll be unable to purchase.

I will also remove the single and double occupancy options as they fill up. Reach out to me if you want to talk more about where you want to sleep and/or whom/if you should roommate with. Or if you and a friend are open to sharing a queenish-size bed.

ALSO, I’ve already planted that seed with our outfitter that if the interest is high we may request a second boat. The image of our group sailing as a flotilla, makes me smile. I’ll have a waitlist, and call it by 1 March.

Kindly note: Inquiry Pop-up doesn’t traffic in refunds. See below.

And if something comes up, and I can’t come?
Simply put, I cannot offer refunds. While I’m dedicated to providing a top-notch experience, I’m also really committed to keeping this a low-impact endeavor for myself. Coordinating refunds don’t fall under that metric. However, if you have a change of heart, or a personal matter keeps you from coming, I can see about exchanging your place with someone on the wait-list or, if that’s not a possibility, I can apply a portion of your payment towards a future edition of Inquiry Pop-up. Fair enough?

I want you to be confident and excited about attending Inquiry Pop-up. So kindly get in touch via phone or email to chat it up. I’m thrilled to share with you everything I know, so you can be 100% on-board and register/pay with no qualms.